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Christmas has just begun…….

Christmas has just begun.....

by: Lauren Winslow
Did you know that the 12 days of Christmas have just begun.  Christmas day marks the first day.  There is meaning behind the song “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” And a reason that it repeats over and over again.  This Christmas season is the period in Christian theology that marks the birth of Christ on December 25th and the coming magi on January 6th, also called Epiphany.  Epiphany is the sudden manifestation or meaning of something.  It’s when the magi (wisemen) revealed who Christ was – fully human and fully divine.
In our household this year we have some small gifts we are opening each day of Christmas until Epiphany on January 6th. They are not much, but just enough to remind us of the gifts the magi brought Jesus – Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. We don’t take down our decorations until Epiphany. Christmas music is still playing. Cookies are still being eaten. We are still celebrating. To us, this 12 days of Christmas is the Christmas season. Don’t get me wrong, we look forward to all the Christmas things before December 25th also but we have saved The Night of a Thousand Candles at Brookgreen for this week after Christmas and a few other things like some gifts to open each day.
It seems once Christmas day comes and goes, the world has moved on already, but it is just the beginning of the greatest celebration. So keep those Christmas movies going, drinking the eggnog, opening gifts and remembering what this season is all about- God coming down to us in the form of a human. She will give birth to a Son, and you are to give Him the name Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins.” What greater reason could there be for a celebration than that?
Raised in Irmo, SC, Lauren Winslow met her husband, Tom Winslow in high school in 1994. They moved to Georgetown, SC and married and had 1 child before moving to Murrells Inlet where their second child was born. Lauren homeschools their 4th and 1st grader while helping with bookkeeping at Tom’s law office, Winslow Law. Lauren loves to read, travel and aspires to grow anything in her garden that produces hardly anything.