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The Perfect Mom and the Daily Hustle

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The Perfect Mom and the Daily Hustle

by Brooke Howard 

I was approached to be a contributor on this site and offer some tips to full-time working moms on how to manage stress and make sure you carve out family time.

My first thought was…WAIT A MINUTE? ME? I must really portray a picture of a “got it all together” working Mom executive on social media but in reality, I’m not sure that person even exists. If she does, she certainly isn’t me! I have no quick insta-pot recipes, life hacks or tips on the best moisturizer. I actually envy those Moms who do and I think those Moms must come from an alternate universe that I can’t relate to.
Let’s get real. I know there must be some of you out there just like me…Your typical morning starts with getting bookbags together, throwing the clothes in the dryer that you forgot about the day before, listening to one child cry because their pacifier is wedged in between couch cushions which will now be popcorned flavored from last week’s movie night, the other child asking you to watch them do a cartwheel which you secretly want to ignore because you know that lamp is about to get knocked off the end table, but you watch and cheer anyway while emailing your boss, figuring out the best time to do your grocery pick-up and trying to figure out where in the world you dropped your tube of mascara.
Are we exhausted yet? The answer is YES! Why wouldn’t we be? Fact is, life is chaotic and it’s hard to be a working Mom! There never seems to be any ME time. It’s a struggle to keep healthy relationships whether that be with your spouse, friends, (and let’s not forget our parents), maintain your composure with your children, be on point at work and play the part that you have it all together.
Our problem is at times we need to ask for help, confide in others, learn that it’s ok to say NO, and support one another. It’s ok to live in a little chaos. To be honest, it keeps us on our toes and life would get a little boring if we didn’t have so many plates spinning in the air. We get so wrapped up in the chaos it’s difficult to step back sometimes and enjoy the little things.
We put too much pressure on ourselves to strive for perfection but how do you even define perfection? For many, it’s snap chat filters and perfect family Facebook profile pictures. Why is that? Why don’t we talk about or share the chaos that happens in between the perfect photos? What makes us so hesitant to be “real”? When we are real and open-up about our imperfect lives to friends or family, most times we find out we aren’t the only ones going through challenges.
At the end of the day, there is “no one size fits all” solution to manage stress, or to make sure we do everything well. We can’t do it all. Planners work for some, a glass of wine for others (that would be a beer for me), exercise, a kiss goodnight, or crying in a pillow. Whatever it is, just figure out what makes life a little sweeter for you. Hug your kids, tell your family you love them, let go of small things that drive you nuts, don’t weigh yourself every day, use less filters, reach out to your girlfriends and do your best. When all that fails, remember to just breathe…It’s just a bad day not a bad life.

If you’re still reading, my hope is that some of you can relate to this and that it makes you feel understood. You got this Momma and you’re not alone!

About the Author: Brooke Howard is a proud Mom of 3 beautiful children. She and her husband Trent live in Pawleys Island and are both natives of South Carolina. She graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina and has worked as a healthcare executive for the past 14 years.

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